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Lara Fraser is a London known influencer, fashionista, DJ and music artist who has a popular radio show and is a part of the Lallas with Laura Pradenski. She had a chat with us about working with Shingai from the Noisettes on their new single 

Music, Fashion and Lifestyle is the heartbeat of London. How have you seen it change since the pandemic started? 

There has been a huge shift towards digital across the board. Everything from virtual fashion shows to Insta live DJ sets have become prevalent throughout the lockdown, with each sector becoming increasingly creative and sleek in their interactions with virtual audiences. However, I do personally find it a lot harder to connect virtually with an audience on a musical level as so much of the magic is in the energy of the room. With events opening up, it will be interesting to see how the two forums work together. I think we will move into a fusion of live and digital.

How did you spend lockdown?

I focused a lot of my time creating a podcast with my DJ partner and co-host Laura Pradelska called ‘What’s Next…’ with The Lallas and continued to record and produce our radio shows for Resonance FM from home. I also realised a single with Shingai ‘In This World’ In addition to all of that I have been hard at work in the studio (which has been allowed on and off throughout lockdown) creating my EP with some amazing artists which hopefully will be out soon!

What projects were you working on pre Covid and how have you brought them to life after the pandemic? 

We had the idea of podcast before lockdown, but that only came to fruition during lockdown. Silver linings!

Tell us about your collaboration with Shingai and how that came about? 

Shingai and I actually met when she was on the dance floor when I was DJing for an event and our friendship/ musical relationship began from there. We had manyyyy studio sessions getting to know each other’s sound and exploring different directions. ‘In This World’ seemed like the perfect song to release during lockdown as it holds the message of hope and togetherness, a sentiment that felt right for the time. We do have a few more tracks in the bank which will hopefully see daylight very soon! Shingai is such a versatile and talented singer it was a blessing being able to work with her so closely. 

What’s next for the Lallas?

We have both been in different countries for a little while, but we are back in London and ready to get on the decks. Hopefully will see you all on the dance-floor very soon! 

What’s next for the Lara Fraser brand?

I’m filling up my diary again with DJ gigs, and really focusing on releasing music at the moment - cannot wait to get my EP out. I also have another really big project I’m working on that I can’t quite spill the details on (keep watching my Insta). Other than that I am really enjoying connecting and continuing important conversations on my radio and podcast platforms – I have also just joined a game changing voice based social media app called TannOi which you can download and have a chat with me on my community ‘Lala Land’

Who are the ones to watch? (Ie what fashion brands, artists or music / producers do you think are cool/upcoming?) 

Ohhh so many! I’m working with such dope talent at the moment. Artist wise Eliza Legzdina is and amazing Latvian rapper/singer with roots in Opera and poetry she has manged fuse with East London vibes – we are working on some tracks right now so can’t wait to share them with the world. Also, my beautiful friend and artist Elle L who just dropped her single ‘Hoping’ I know she has some big tracks following. Producer wise, KingCrowney (also a talented trumpet player), Slxm, M.O.G, Streetbeatz, JRoc and DeSpecialist are all crazy talented producers and engineers, definitely worth checking their stuff out.

Vibe / motto / for the next 5 months

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

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