The Hearth Hosts...Awakening Eros: Sex and Pleasure with Andrea Balbon – Fiena London
The Hearth Hosts...Awakening Eros: Sex and Pleasure with Andrea Balboni

The Hearth Hosts...Awakening Eros: Sex and Pleasure with Andrea Balboni

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As a part of our 2022 Partnership with The Hearth, Fiena is offering members exclusive free access to a one of a kind workshop.

In this 3 part series on sex and pleasure for women, we’ll be exploring your potential to experience erotic orgasmic pleasure, you’ll learn how your body’s anatomy supports that pleasure, and finally how sex when made sacred, lifts the experience of pleasure to whole new levels.

Part 1
Discover your pleasure potential. Experience your potential for erotic pleasure and orgasmic bliss whether you have a partner or not.

Part 2
Learn the anatomy of arousal. Your body is specifically designed for pleasure, inside and out. From the G-spot to the A-spot and back again, you’ll learn where pleasure shows up and how to activate it more easily in your body.

Part 3
Sacred sex – pleasure that’s out of this world. Erotic energy, when harnessed, can be the rocket fuel to expanded states of pleasure – and ultimately, higher states of consciousness. Begin that journey.

From the powerful deep waves of full-bodied pleasure of the great cosmic orgasm to ecstatic bliss states that last for days, from connecting to pristine clear multifaceted goddess energy within you to merging with your partner on a soul level in sacred love making, to connecting directly with Source, the Universe and All That Is, sacred sex promises a lot.

Mythical unicorns galore or actual attainable experiences?

Learn how to explore the multidimensionality of your being through sex without having to meditate for hours on end, completely and fully master your kundalini energy or move beyond your current sexual edge.

Cocktail hour @ 6:30-7:30pm
Talk @ 7:30pm - 8:30pm followed by Q&A

Spaces are extremely limited for this session so please book in quickly to avoid disappointment!