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The Tidy Mind – A Journal Writing Class

The Tidy Mind – A Journal Writing Class

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The Tidy Mind – A Journal Writing Class:

As a part of our new partnership with Mortimer House, London, Fiena is offering you access to some of their private members events.

These are very exclusive and usually only available to their members but we have got you access!

Check them out here...

If you thought journals were only for writers, think again. From emotional clarity and resilience to boosting productivity, discover the benefits of keeping a journal in this intimate workshop.

Hosted by Bryan Levandowski, this class will guide you through the essentials of getting started with your journal and teach you techniques that will help you make the most of the craft.

Cost: Free
Date: Aug 17th
Where: Private Dining Room, 5th Floor, Mortimer House
Timings: 6pm – 7pm

Very limited availability for this class so please book fast.